Maybe tomorrow we all can think clean water.

Tomorrow is our home.

A new creative concept for Employer Branding

We are determined to be among the most attractive employers in the “war” for talent. To attract and retain qualified employees in the future, we need to position BSH as a global, innovative employer. To achieve this, we have produced a comprehensive creative concept for employer branding.

A consistent employer identity helps existing and future employees understand what to expect when applying to BSH. It will increase awareness of BSH as an attractive employer in the job market.

By creating a compelling employer image, we convey to prospects what makes us unique and sets us apart from our competitors. It helps us communicate the values we stand for, the benefits we offer and what it is that makes working for us special.

Below you will see the content and creations we have developed to present BSH as an employer of choice. And you will get an idea of how it all came about.

Our new employer branding concept is based on our guiding principles “We are BSH” as well as on our competency model.

How we communicate with future employees

To communicate what BSH is all about as an employer, we have developed a line of communication that will help us to present BSH as an employer of choice. It contains

Our Employer Claim

Our employer claim is a short statement that offers potential candidates and our employees a credible and concise impression of BSH as an employer:

Tomorrow is our home.

Tomorrow is …
We want to emphasize that BSH is a future-oriented employer with a strong focus on what our consumers need and the creative ideas of our employees who develop innovative products and solutions.

… our …
The “our” symbolizes our team and the global network of all BSH employees as well as our culture and values.

… home.
This concept is deliberately ambiguous: it stands for our unique portfolio of strong brands and for high-quality home appliances, but it also represents the “home” BSH provides for its employees.

Our Employer Personality

Our employer personality conveys the story we tell about BSH as an employer and shines through every time we communicate with potential and actual employees:

Tomorrow is our home.

Driven by the purpose to make people’s lives easier around the world we are always curious to take the next step. We show passion in everything we do. Providing an open and trustful environment of connected people turning ideas into innovative and user-centric home appliances.

And that is what we work for, because: Tomorrow is our home.

Our Employer Value Proposition

An Employer Value Proposition (EVP) is the HR equivalent of the Unique Selling Proposition (USP), a concept to market products by setting them apart from those of the competitors. Our EVP thus states the unique value that BSH offers as an employer:

BSH is a UNIQUE HOME FOR STRONG BRANDS known for quality and reliability. In a changing business environment, BSH maintains this long tradition while encouraging employees to LISTEN TO OUR CONSUMERS and therefore IMPROVE AND SIMPLIFY PEOPLE’S LIVES ACROSS THE GLOBE with agility and dedication. Every employee at BSH lives up to our proud brands, the expectations of our consumers, the respect for our colleagues and the PASSION FOR OUR OWN IDEAS – today and tomorrow. Everyone has the FREEDOM, THE INSPIRATION AND THE SUPPORT to really make a difference – around the world and at home.

Our testimonials

Every employee at BSH is an ambassador for our company. Let us introduce you to the first testimonials featured in our employer branding communication – a great mix representing the range of talent at BSH. Our approach uses the power of storytelling to let our target groups know how our employees view the world. Our testimonials share what intrigues them about their jobs and what they imagine tomorrow will be like. By providing authentic insights into the thoughts and visions of our testimonials, we let them give potential candidates a credible idea of what working at BSH is all about.

  • Number of Interviews
    12 Interviews
  • Number of Videos
    6 Videos
  • Number of Photos
    1864 Photos

Shooting the testimonials

In June 2017, a photo and video team came to take pictures of our testimonials and capture some of them on film. For three days, they teamed up with photographers, videographers, make-up artists, lighting specialists, assistants, testimonials, art directors and HR experts to produce photos and video clips which can be used for communicating our new employer brand. To give you an idea of the challenges the team had to face, have a look at our making-of video:

Final videos

Here you can watch the different testimonial videos.

Do you have any questions?

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